Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Jenks Legacy - G1E01 - The Girl Next Door

So this is where the story begins. Poor Ricky arriving at Willow Creek to start a new life, establish a large and prosperous family, and a career in the music industry - and of course get laid as many times as possible. The surroundings of the lot he purchased are beautiful indeed but Ricky is interested in something else. Yes, it's his phone...
Probably just looking for some work. Or some places where he could hook up with galz. There are some night clubs in the town - too bad it isn't night yet. He barely finds anyone in there.

But where are all the people? Maybe in the gym? Yes, they are! The place is filled with hot chicks, one immediately catches Ricky's attention. A sexy blonde punching a bag in the corner. 

Ricky doesn't hesitate, and after a quick introduction... 

... it turns out that the girly isn't only sexy, but flirty as well. This will be easy as pie.

Some more flirting next to the punch-bag...

And soon they are sitting on a sofa whispering in each other's ear. 

They are simply the perfect couple, aren't they? Time for the first date...

...where else then in the infamous Rattlesnake Juice Bar!

This place is just ideal for dates. The nice red curtains set the mood for a steamy conversation.

Too bad, that the girl - called Dina by the way - is so flirty that he starts flirting with some random baseball-hat guy. And when Ricky suggests that they should sit to a table instead to have some privacy...

...the guy just not take the hint and sits to the next table. Ricky hits the ceiling and starts insulting the guy, hoping that he will knock off.

Finally they can have some private time at the other side of the bar.  

And their first kiss! Yay!

And then some more.

Aren't they cute?

Seriously, if you look up "cute" in the dictionary, you will find this very picture there as an illustration. Don't do that yet though, as the plot starts to thicken, when Dina decides to sit down to watch some TV, right next to Mr. Annoying Baseball-Hat Guy. Immediate intervention is necessary.

Do you see that, Mr. Baseball-Hat? This is my date and I won't let you ruin it!

Is it still not clear? We want you to get lost!

Now that's better. 

What's not that good is that Dina suddenly decides to leave - fortunately she only goes to the bathroom, but Ricky doesn't want to take chances...

So there you have it, multitasking in action! Sims can now pee and have a steamy conversation at the same time. Good to know that public toilets are unisex in this city... 

But enough of trying to avoid baseball-hat guys and making out in public toilets, Ricky finally asks Dina if he wants to move in to his - ahemm - real estate. 

And of course she wants. Coolness. After such a quick start it would be foolish not to propose...

And Dina accepts immediately. Okay, for the second try, anyway. 

Time to get married!

And here we go, behold this beautiful bride and groom - and the mailbox, their only property at this point. But it can't remain that way, Dina will definitely get a nice fat dowry, right? RIGHT???

Well, not exactly. It turns out that this Caliente family is but a bunch of stingy bastards. No dowry at all. This will make the upcoming period a bit tough for our newlyweds, but they doesn't seem to care.

Once you are low on budget, you have to realize, that most of the things you though you can't live without, are really unnecessary. Such fancy things as stoves...


...or a house that has more than one wall. 

Soon it turns out that this wedding night was so successful, that the prospective heir is already on the way!

Isn't that great? Well, considering that they currently live like hobos, no, it's not, but they don't seem to care.

(Sorry, I just can't stop taking pictures of them when they are doing this.)

And there we go. New day, new hopes, and a forecast of sunny weather for the next couple of days. Maybe this marriage wasn't such a disastrous idea after all?

The food is tolerable.

And the landscape around is gorgeous. 

Fortunately both Dina and Ricky was able to find a job. Dina works as a dishwasher, and Ricky started his journey in the entertainment industry to become a rock star. Will he succeed or not? We'll see. 

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