Friday, September 12, 2014

The Jenks Legacy - G1E02 - Easy Lover

It seems that I've already broken a rule by letting Ricky marry a townie. Bummers. No regrets though. Would he have married a townie and they'd have to give up their hobo lifestyles and build a house, things like that. Living on this large open meadow is just much more... romantic. Maybe. I'm only a bit afraid of the first bills. And the babies. Stuff like that.

Speaking of which, I've decided to make a self-imposed rule on not to marry anyone in this legacy who would bring any money to the household (on a sidenote this is may get in alignment with the official rules based on Pinstar's latest post), so - just to avoid any future surprises - I've grouped all the "not in this world" sims in household management:

I've also added a disclaimer to the summary page on differences from the official challenge rules. 

And just as a recap, here is the family now. 

Dina is still in her first trimester, so it doesn't shows on her thin frame, but the first baby is already on his way. Or her way. Hopefully "his".

Anyway, one rule broken, a lot more ahead. Let's get down to business!

So while his new wife is at work, Ricky decides to pay a visit at his in-laws. Of course you need to put on your best clothes, and he does just that

So this is it, the Caliente residence. From the looks of it I'd say they have a whole lot of money. Probably they have no idea in what kind of "residence" their daughter lives in. Time to remind them. 
Ricky finds some guy there and Dina's sister, Nina. What a hottie! From the looks of the girls I can't stop wondering what the mother looks like. 

And after only a brief introduction she agrees to go on a date. Bingo! Ricky's lifetime aspiration will be reached in no time.

The date is more than successful. Time to go home. The only question is, whose home should they head to. 
We all know what is going to happen here, don't we?.

 And now Ricky's fun level is entirely restored. Coolness!

Ricky is getting into risky territorry, when asking Nina to be his girlfriend. Especially when she agrees. Blimey!

But the night is still young so Ricky continues the sightseeing tour in the city at the Clements.

He finds a woman at home with two children. She is called Myra. Maybe she is married?

Oops, while Ricky is flirting with Myra, daddy arrived home. Maybe he should get lost?

He should, but it's just not his style to do so... And not long after that, Rick has a second girlfriend. And a wife. In the first trimester. I'm getting worried.

And the Try for a Baby option is open.... Well, let's try!

Okay, that was close, time to go home and prepare for work!

Ricky just got home in time to see his pretty wife getting into bed. Well, that's not even a bad idea.

And it turned out that they need to spend the hard-earned money on a larger trashcan.

So Dina started to work on a little garden for some additional income. Well, not that little actually. And at the end of the day Ricky got promoted to Open Mic Seeker - whatever the hell that is. And he doesn't have to work in the next two days. Lots of time to date with galz!

And after some gardening Nina shows up, and Ricky's fun level is low. There's only one solution for that. Although Ricky's Energy level is low, it's just not low enough not ot visit the BFF household.
There is a girl here called Summer Holiday, and she seems to like Ricky's flirty introduction

After a bumpy start, seducing Summer was not that hard really, the problematic part was that once she was ready to go to bed, Dina arrived home, and Summer didn't have a double bed. So Ricky and Summer payed a visit to the Stokes, who didn't seem to care too much...

And the next morning, Dina went in labour... 
And gave birth to a very dark-skinned little boy! Well, that was easy. His name will be Shayne. 

Of course they've started working on the next one, with immediate success.

When Dina left for work, Ricky decided to have some fun with one of his girlfirends, not expecting that she is... expecting! I start to think that Ricky's arrival will have a long and lasting effect on the gene-pool of Oasis Spring.

So here we are now. The rightful heir was born, and who knows how much more are on their way. 

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