Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Jenks Legacy - G1E03 - Every Women in the Town

So we have learned the following very useful things during the last episode:

- This town is full of hotties who just can't wait to have some bedtime fun with a handsome guy. Even the married ones. Well, especially the married ones. Who also have children.
- Ladies aren't afraid of unprotected sex.
- Woohooing with a married woman is not even a problem when daddy is at home as long as it happens behind closed doors. While you can have some quality time with the lady in the bedroom, daddy is okay to have some quality time with the children. 
- You (probably) can make townies pregnant. (I'm actually wondering if these bastard children will be recognized by the game as Ricky's ones. We will see very soon)
- Gardening requires a whole lot of effort, and it doesn't pay off that well. 

Well, this opens up a whole new set of possibilities, the only problem for Ricky is that having more and more girlfriends in town, public places start to become a minefield. Not to mention the fact that now that the heir is born, he must spend most of his free time home, which isn't the ideal situation for a serial lover. On top of that, Ricky's and Dina's workplace schedule is currently in conflict, so one of them simply has to find a new job. Ricky is in a grave dilemma. What should he choose, career, family, or one-nighters with random girls. Well, it's not such a grave dilemma anyway, is it?

So here is the family now. On a sidenote, Dina is pregnant. Again. 

Having checked some sites on babies and townies I also found some interesting stuff. One thing is that babies don't need full time parental care anymore - and there are no babysitters. If there is a baby in the household, and all the adults leave, the baby simply gets teleported to daycare. Though that sounds totally nonsensical, I have to try it. Now. 

Another thing I've read is that if townie Sims are left unplayed, they simply die at the end of their life and their households gets filled with randomly generated Sims. If you let that happen. Which I won't. Those households will be filled with Jenks offsprings very soon. It only depends on how much workload Ricky can handle. And by workload, I mean dating. And those things lovers do after dating. 

So Ricky decides to visit the Caliente residence again. To check what's up with Dina, and to meet his mother-in-law. Of course he wants to make a good impression.

She's a pretty. It's not a surprise Dina looks so cute after all. A picture for the family photo album.

And then they work a bit on making those family bondages... ahemm... even tighter. Now Ricky has a fourth girlfriend, his mother-in-law. Another night spent well.

And it's still not over, the next stop is at the Pancakes residence at the nerdy Eliza. Another girlfriend, just in case. 

Dina has just came home. It's time for Ricky to do so also. And it's almost Shayne's birthday now! Time is just flying away. They've cut back a bit on that large garden, keeping only a single one of each plant. It's just much more manageable this way. 

But Ricky has stuff to do. The next girl to visit is Arlene Stokes. What a beauty!

Note to self: You can date with your girlfriends in their own home. Now that's very useful. And comfortable. 

And the next victim... I mean girlfriend is called Arlene. Seriously, I have to start making notes or I'll lose track of them. After all the hard work, Ricky goes home to his beautyful wife and his rightful heir.

But there are still some families out there to visit! Here is the next one, Bella Goth. After about five minutes of talking, I think Ricky should ask her out. Seemingly this is kind of a tradition in this town.

Is it only this outfit, or Bella really has the largest boobies in the neighbourhood?

Should I mention what happened next?

Next day. Just before work, Ricky visits Mayra Clements. From the looks of it, she seems to be in the third trimester, though I'm a bit worried. I think they woohooed more than three days ago. Maybe townie girls don't go into labor on their own? Anyway, time to work on Ricky's lifetime goal. Apparently the Aspiration requirement to have Bronze dates means "not gold, bronze!". Let's give it a try.

Finally, the first bronze date. But only in the last minute. Ricky has to run to work. Like an idiot.

During the next visit at the Caliente family, Ricky has to realize, that his master-plan has finally came into fruition. Well, let's not call it a "master" plan, but the fruition part is pretty damn obvious. 

Too bad for Nina is that Ricky isn't very interested in hanging out with pregnant girls, so he visits Alice Spencer-Kim instead. She turns out to be a hard nut, but Ricky is not the guy who gives up easily. After a couple of hours she finally agrees to go on a date. Result: Silver. Come on! How could I make bronze dates? Ricky is just too good for that!

Of course it's not the medal that counts, but the fun.

When Ricky arrives home, he finds that his first-born, Shayne, has already aged up. Look at that! He has his mother's beautiful golden hair and his father's... dunno, smile? Nose? I was never good at spotting similarities. The random generator throw Genius as a child trait, and Rambunctious Scamp as a childhood aspiration. I hope he can have fun by running around in circles. The family still doesn't have the funds to build a playground. 

And very soon after that Dina went into labor, and gave birth... to another baby boy, and named him Caiphus. Because the random name generator is just keep throwing out these crazy names and I'm too lazy to come up with better ones. The lineage is now safe. Time to do some playful stuff, hehe. Even Ricky got promoted to C-lister, what a happy day!

Shayne is a real little genius. Here he shows his mother that he doesn't need a desk to make his homework.

And he wears a purple shirt. Or magenta, does it really matter? I mean he is a boy for Christ's sake! What the heck?

But the fun doesn't end here. A couple of hours later, Ricky starts getting calls. From his in-laws. Calls like this:

And this:

But it can't be right, can it? I mean he had that first liaison with the Clements mother, right?
Yes he had. There is a baby boy there also. So now Ricky has two children from Dina, who is pregnant again, and three illegitimate babies: Arianna, Zackary and Dwayne from Nina and Katrina Caliente and Mayra Clemens respectively. They appear in his relationship panel as "Child", but they have their mother's name. I'm wondering if the game will find any family relationships between them and Shayne. If not the family tree will look like some crazy scribble very-very fast. If it will... well, I'm not sure, but I think I'll figure out something. 

So here is the family now, with the little Caiphus. Seriously, is that a name?

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