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The Jenks Legacy - G1E04 - Baby Boom

So just a little recap on the previous episode:
- Ricky's compulsive dating habits started to affect the town's population, when three of his girlfriends gave birth to his children in quick succession.
- Still the question is open: Will these children be considered relatives of his heir, Shayne, or can we expect some crazy branching of the family tree in the near future. 
We will figure it out very soon. 

So here is our family now:

And this is the current family tree:
Check every detail of it, 'cause it will never look like this again. 
So without further ado, let's see what happens next to the Jenks (or Jenkses?).

Finally the first bills arrived. Only 499 simoleons, I've expected much more. It seems that it pays off keeping a low profile like this:

Although Shayne isn't in a particularly good condition after school but I'm just way too curious not to send him to the Caliente residence to meet his step-siblings. But it turns out that we have to wait a bit figuring that out as the super-intelligent Calientes have placed the cradles in the kitchen - in a way that none of them is accessible by human beings. Maybe Shayne should check the Clements residence instead?

And the moment of truth finally came. In the Clements house Shayne meets Dwayne and recognizes him as a brother. Now that's a problem.

Okay, not a problem, but I'm getting curious what will be the necessary family-relationship-distance enforced by the game for romantic relationships. We will definitely see it sooner or later. Still it's a good time for Shayne to socialize a bit with these friendly relatives. In front of their large-screen telly. 

It's Ricky's day off, so it's high time to visit some old friends. Like Mayra Clements...

Dina Caliente...

Summer Holiday...

Eliza Pancakes...

and Katrina Caliente...

Though with Don Lothario and Nina being home it's a bit of a risky business.

But look at that loser! The girl cheats on him, and what does he do? Hides under the blanket! How miserable. 

And after a quick dinner at another mother of the Jenks offsprings...

It's time to take a look at which family Ricky hasn't visited yet. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm spending too much time focusing on Ricky's affairs, and too little on the rest of the family, but he is the Founder! He must spread the seeds!
But that's enough for the day. Time to head home and get some sleep. Actually Ricky visited the Landgraabs before that but didn't have too much luck with the wife. We'll need to pick that up later. In the meantime Dina plants an apple tree. For some reason she has developed very muscular legs recently - is this all the weight she has to carry around all the time?

I've also bought them some stuff. And floors. Really, this lot starts to look like a home. Without walls. 

But what does it matter when the family is together.

Next day, Ricky gets the news from Arlene, that she gave birth to twins. About time to visit.

The twins are beautiful. It asks for celebration. And when Ricky celebrates - well, you can imagine.

But the night is still young - only 1 a.m. so it's time to meet some new people. Here's for example Zoe Patel, who - believe it or not - is single. At least that's what she says. 

And there it is, a brand new girlfriend. Sorry folks, I think I've lost their count long ago. . 

When Ricky arrives home, Caiphus suddenly ages up - and becomes a Glutton Whiz-Kid. Sounds great! I guess we'll need more kid's beds. What I don't understand is how come that Caiphus is blonde also. Is this the dominant gene for Sims? Not that I'd have anything against golden hair, but Ricky's hair is dark for Christ's sake. Are these surely his children?

And eventually this day came. Ricky reached level 5 in Charisma skill, which means that all that stands in the way of proceeding with his lifelong aspiration is breaking up with two of his nine girlfriends. But which two? Dina's mother sounds like an obvious choice. She is just too old, and she has a daughter as a backup solution, but who should be the other one? I guess it will be Summer. Choosing him, Ricky will finally have the chance to play around with her Chinese-looking roommate, liberty. Or should it be Mayra Clements instead? I never really liked her anyway.
So be it!

Mayra Clements - checked!
Katrina Caliente - checked!

And Dina went into labor soon after left for work. And it is a girl! Finally. The random generator threw Jocelyn as a name. Fine for me.

Then Rick got promoted again. Now he needs to perfrom in public to get even further. About his lifetime wish - I just can't understand, he got so sad from breaking up with girls, that he wanted to water the plants with his tears. Well, if he wants so.

Next day, Ricky tries his luck in the park to get some tips. It doesn't seem to be that hard. People seem to like his natural rockstar wibe.

Okay, this is getting really over the top, at the end of this day while Ricky was sleeping Alice called that the babies were born. 
Yes, three of them. Jeez, I'm not even sure if Maddison is a boy or a girl. Ricky's children will have a hard time finding a spouse in town they aren't related to - that's for sure. 

So there they are. The golden haired boys. The Glutton and the Genius. Though it doesn't show in this picture, but they don't like each-other too much. 

Caiphus is getting a bit chubby (well, I guess gluttonous children look like that), so - though it's bloody expensive, I've decided to buy the monkey bars for him to drop down some pounds. I hope it works. 

Collecting the 100 simoleon tips in the park was really easy. And in the meantime, Ricky met this new girl in town, Jennie Steinwedel. Maybe they'll get more close to each other soon - unfortunately Ricky had to go to work. 

And finally, Ricky is specializing! For Music of course, but do you see that schedule? Three days off a week, and only six hours of work on the rest of the days. Awesome!

Time is passing by, it's little Jocelyn's birthday now, when Ricky gets a call - from one of his children. 

Now what? Will Dina find it curious if random "child-friends" start to visit Ricky? It's just too tempting to say no to this call.
It turned out that there's no need to worry. They only had a nice chat - that's all. 
Jeez, look at those legs! Isn't there a way to - dunno - make Dina a bit less muscular? I don't know what you think but I don't like when a girl is that muscular. 

And again, when everything seems to be just fine, look who appears!
Trouble in Garden Eden. Ricky is able to ask her to get to their place without Dina noticing, but only in the last minute.

And if they are already there, they can spend some time together also. Ricky has an hour before work, that must be enough for anything.
Well, anything but working in the next generation. The Woohoo option is grey, saying that there are too many people living in that household already. WTF?

I'm checking my latest family tree. Based on that there are only seven people living here, even if I count that loser Lothario!
And no, the game is right. Apparently Katrina was pregnant when Ricky borke up with her, and in the meantime, she gave birth, to the little Harper. Coolness. Caliente Household - maxed out!

So Ricky goes to work and we go home, where the little Jocelyn suddenly turns into a child. Seems that she also caught the blonde virus. She's a Music Lover Artistic Prodigy.

And what's the first thing she does? Homework. What a little eager-beawer!

But they turn out to be on the same wavelength with Shayne - no surprise, they follow the same dress-code. 

So this is where we are now. Ricky needs to kiss 10 sims to proceed with his lifetime Aspiration. He is happy, and he has 6 hours till work. I hope that will be enough for that. 

Till then, here is a picture of the family:

And the current family tree (click to enlarge). 

Crazy, right?

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