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The Jenks Legacy - G1E05 - Birthday Season Begins

In the last chapter the Jenks family became even larger with the birth of the third blonde kid, and the chapter was finished with the fourth one already on the way.  
In the meantime, the head of the family, Ricky was also busy, hanging out with girls in the town - and his affaris resulted a total of 22 children. Now that's something and a half! You can try to untangle the intricacies of the Jenks bloodline by studying the below family tree. 

It's day 15 now, which means that Ricky will soon become an adult - not that he would have any problems with adultery, haha. So here we go, here is the next chapter of the story of the Jenks family. 

As soon as I've launched the game, the next bills arrived. 649 simoleons. Not that much, really. 
So Ricky starts out to fulfill his dreams and kiss 10 girls. First stop is Zoe Patel.

She's sexy as always, but look at that belly! Maybe another child of Ricky is in there? Seriously, I start to think that something is off with the pregnancy of townies. It definitely takes longer than 3 days, that's for sure. 
Zoe would seemingly be okay to have a nice conversation, but Ricky has stuff to do. The next stop is the Spencer-Kim-Lewis residence. Their hobby is obviously collecting surnames. 
Ricky collects another kiss, and some more.

After that, Ricky visits the Goth family, looking for Bella, but he finds her daughter instead. Who lives in a tower room. And she is very flirty. She doesn't make a big deal of kissing. 

And while Ricky is preparing to go to work, Zoe Patel calls him to say, that their baby girl, Leila has been born. Now, that's good news.
While Ricky is at work, a new member of the family is born. Her name will be Jalisa. Yay, another girl!

Dina decides to take the children to the park. Shayne had this wish to play on the Jungle Gym, so be it!

Caiphus starts playing chess with a pedophile.

While Jocelyn picks a fight with some white-haired lady. 

Too bad Shayne wasn't playful when he was playing Space Advanture... No advances in childhood aspiration. Seriously, sometimes this game is total nonsense. 

Next day I've reorganized the house a bit, the kids got their own bathroom finally, nothing special. The family is still low on money. About 2000 simoleons left. Not much, but enough for the time being. 

Time to work on Ricky's Aspiration! Surprisingly there are still households Ricky has never visited. First of them is the Cramer residence. A pretty nice one actually.

Kaila Cramer apparently lives in this large house alone. Well, not for long if it depends on Ricky.

Eliza Pancakes is the eighth kiss.

Walking on the streets, Ricky finds a new family in the neighborhood, the Madrigals. He walks in and starts talking with the housewife, Tiffanie. I'm not sure if she is pregnant, or just chubby.

Things are going well, when suddenly a young beauty, Christy arrives. Maybe it's time to change priorities?

Ricky invites her to the park, finds a nice bench next to the river...

...just to figure out that Christy is still a teen! Bummers! No romance here. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a sleep in his own bed. So Ricky goes home just to realize the awful truth: Dina is not pregnant! What will happen to the bloodline if he lets his wife run around like this: 
She will eventually hook up with some other guy, and starts carrying non-Jenks babies, that's what! Immediate intervention is needed!
Turns out that it was a false alarm, she is eating for two! She doesn't seem to be very happy about it though.

Next morning, Ricky is ready to fulfill his mission, the ninth kiss is Arlene Stokes. 

And the last one is Summer. The moment they kiss a fire breaks out. It's almost metaphorical. 

It turns out that Liberty has problems with the barbecue grill. Fortunately Ricky is there to save the day! They join with Summer and extinguish the flames. Look at those faces!

Summer is a bit tense after this little adventure, but Ricky knows how to ease her down. 

Everything seems to be very fine with the family now. Dina is about to get promoted, and Ricky works toward his Aspiration. I start wondering, what to do next, when I come to a sudden realization: 

Though I've already checked that all the children of Ricky - born in-marriage and out-of-marriage - are brothers and sisters, there's one thing I forgot. Yes, the Caliente branch. The situation is this: Ricky has multiple children from Nina Caliente, Dina's sister, and Katrina Caliente, Dina's mother. For example Arianna is the daughter of Ricky, and his wife's daughter Nina, while Zackary is the child of Ricky, and his wife's mother, Katrina. They are brothers and sisters of each-other (probably), but what is the relatinship between Shayne and Nina? Is there any? What is the relationship between Dina and Arianna? We need to check that out!
So here's the deal:

- There are no family relations between a wife, and her husbands illegitimate children. (e.g. Kristine Pancakes and Dina)
- The mother's sister is considered an Aunt - no surprise in that. 
- Children of the same mother (or father)  are considered brothers and sisters, even if one's husband is another one's father. (e.g. Zackary and Dina Caliente)
- The children of mother's siblings are considered nephew and niece - even if their father is the mother's husband (e.g. Arianna and Dina Caliente)
(Dina hanging out with her sister and her nephew)

Which basically means that family relationships are determined along bloodlines, marriages aren't affect them. Well, that makes sense, though this already leads to the situation when there are two siblings, (Zackary and Arianna Caliente), and Katrina is the grandmother of one of them, but the mother of the other. Funny, hah?

In the meantime the chunky Caiphus is getting really good at playing with the Monkey Bars.

What a nice family. I think I'll need to buy a larger dining table though, so that they can all eat their breakfast together. 

And then, only one day before Ricky's birthday, look who aged up! It's Jalisa, a Self-assured Whiz Kid. Who looks exactly like Jocelyn. Except from the yellow outfit, and herred boots. 

Now that Jalisa became a child, I've decided to re-design the layout of the house a bit. Nothing fancy, just separating the children quarters, the diner/living room and the parents' bedroom. It will do the job for the time being - until the fifth child is born...

And I boutght them another dining table. I like watching all of them sitting down to eat at the same table. 

..and when they sleep together.

I've decided to take a closer look of what Nina's body actually looks like, as now that she's in the third trimester again, she started to look... weird. I mean not pregnant-weird, but beefy weird. Look at this:

Seriously EA, is this what you think a pregnant woman looks like? And she isn't even exercising, she only went jogging once in her entire lifetime! 

Anyway, it's day 19 now, which means that both Ricky's and Shayne's birthday will be tomorrow. I'm wondering if I should organize a party. 
And on the dawn of Ricky's and Shayne's birthday, the seventh member of the family, the little Macy Jenks was born. I really hope that she won't be a carbon-copy of her older sisters. This family's female members could use some variety in respect of hairstyles. And facial features.

So I've decided to throw a party for Ricky because why not. Let's see how that goes. Oh, almost forgot to mention, the eight member of the family is already on the way. The household will soon be full. 
So let the party commence. Of course this is the point when Dina gets the morning sickness first time in her entire lifetime.

The party starts out pretty well, though the only invited friends are Ricky's children - it would have been too risky to invite women, and he barely knows any men. Anyway, at least the children get to know each other. 

And look at that! One of those evil-looking Stokes twins is punching Uni! Why am I not surprised?

Okay, and I could really see this coming. Caiphus has decided to taste the cake. Fortunately I have a backup. 

And a cute moment with the little Journey Goth. Why don't you do this with your own children, Ricky?

So this is what a family event looks like in the Jenks Family. Hugs and hugs all over the place while the adults are knee-deep in children. 

And as there is a goal to bake a cake, Dina decides to make another one. what a technique!

So let's make a wish and blow those candles!

The party ended unsuccessfully, but Ricky seems to be happy. And the children finally had the chance to meet their... ahemm... relatives better. 

And the day can't end without another childbirth, Cassandra Goth is calling that Annabella is born. What a happy day!
I think one party was enough for the day, so Shayne will only age up in the next episode. 

That's all for now. I'll try to update that family tree for the next chapter, though it gets more and more complicated. I guess it's part of the fun for me.

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