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The Jenks Legacy - G1E06 - The Kids Are Alright

At this point I think I have to admit that the second generation of the Jenks family won't have too much of their childhood aspirations fulfilled. There are simply too many of them. I think I'll focus on childhood aspirations in a later generation, with more adults in the household and less children running around.

Considering that, what I want to focus on now is Ricky's lifetime aspiration, as he is proceeding well with that, though reading books on Charisma is the most boring thing ever, he should probably do it in a more... funny way. Like dating or something. That sounds like his kind of stuff.

So just a quick recap on where we are now.

It is day 20, and in the last chapter Ricky has finally become an adult during a not-so-successful birthday party, while his first-born, Shayne is about to become a teen. In the meantime, a new child, Macy was born in the family, and Dina got pregnant again. So the family is just one step from reaching household limit. This is how they look now:

And this is the current family tree:

Basically the only households left untouched at this point is the Landgraab, the Gallardo and the Zest in Oasis Springs and the Madrigal, Gillis and Steinwedel in Willow Creek. Madrigal, Steinwedel and Gallardo are nice-looking targets for Ricky, but maybe it would be a good idea to leave these households for the spares to live in.

So let's get the episode started. After hanging out a bit with his siblings, look, who is becoming a teen:

I mean look at this instead:

So he became a Genius Romantic, with a Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. Cool. Another painter in the family. And behold his first creation. I tell you it's a masterpiece.

I think this is the first time I feel a bit bored with this game. I haven't put to much emphasis on aspirations so far, now I do, and the downside of it is apparent: It's boring as hell. Okay, now that there is multitasking, my Sims could in theory work on their aspiration and socialize at the same time, but still... Leaving the house to make friends when everyone have to increase their skills full time is barely a valid option. 

Still I think I'll try to focus on Jocelyn's artistic aspiration now. It's still four days before she ages up and I only need to raise her art skills from 7 to 10. Can't be that hard, can it?

And look who aged up this night, the seventh member of the family, Macy, the Music Lover Whiz Kid! Golden hair guaranteed.

Now this is what a happy Music Lover looks like.

In the meantime Dina became really phenomenal with the knives.

And then she gave birth to her sixth child, Joseph. The random generator apparently has a thing for J-names.

It turns out that Ricky became a name in the music industry lately. His work needs elegant clothing, that's for sure.

And Dina became an adult. I must say all those pregnancies doesn't show off on her frame at all!

Jocelyn is getting more and more creative. For the "Draw a monster" task she drew this:

Then my favourite part comes: When the house starts falling apart:

And finally it's time to kick off Dina's bartender career. So I've bought her a bar. Damn, it wasn't cheap!

They are still such a sweet couple.

And now that the kids aren't at home, they can finally have some fun!

In the meantime, Shayne's lack of fun is really becoming an issue. Now that Ricky is at work and Jocelyn is sleeping, it's time to have some fun. Maybe he'll find some nice girls at the museum.
Yes that is the kind of armor that made our family bankrupt...

Not too much luck with finding girls in the museum. Not even in the library. Where are the teen girls seriously?

Okay, a nice one shows up not too much later but no romance options. Is she an adult? This thing that adults and teens don't look different at all is driving me mad!

Last try: The bars. And yes, success, look at that girl!
No, not the one in the leather bras, the other one. She is a teen! Maybe Shayne will find some other girls later on, but she'll be okay for the time being.

Okay, Shayne settled with the bra girl. She doesn't look old, so later they may have... some closer relationship.
But then another contender hits the scene. Well, it's a tough choice.

And finally, Caiphus has aged up as well, to be ... a Gluttonous, Geek Bodybuilder. Now that's a weird combo! At least the chub has gone away.

He is definitely a handsome one, isn't he?

Yes, I bought a workout bench also. The living room starts looking kinda chaotic, but this is what you got if you have such a diverse family.
It provides a bit of variety I guess. They can have breakfast at the bar for example.

 And finally, all the hard work payed off, Jocelyn has fulfilled the Artistic Prodigy aspiration. Coolness! Another artist in the family. Maybe she'll become a writer later on.

And here is the newest child in the family, Joseph, the Music Lover Whiz Kid. Now all the kids are blonde. No comment. 

Caiphus ended up chubby after all. I don't really get it, he didn't eat that much, it just happened maybe it just takes some time for the game to figure out what someone actually looks like after a transition (that would also explain the muscles appearing and disappearing on Dina's body). 
But he is a body builder for Christ's sake! I guess we need to keep workin' on building that body.

Okay, I guess that's all for now. Jocelyn is about to age up and I can't wait to see how she'll look! I'll update the family tree next time. 

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