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The Jenks Legacy - G1E07 - Teens All Around

In the last episode the Jenks household has reached it's full capacity with the birth of the sixth child, Joseph. 
Now that the children are becoming teens, it's time to start thinking about how to make sure that the bloodline won't get broken. Obviously the third generation heir must be born as soon as possible. For that to happen, Shayne has to find a girl, but that's not enough. Due to the household limit, I can either wait for Ricky and Dina to die, I could also move them out, or I can move out some of the siblings. I think I'll go for the latter option. Moving out the founder couple just doesn't sound right, and when they pass away maybe it will be already too late for Shayne's wife to have a baby. On the other hand, moving out the second generation very early doesn't sound good either. They should stay in the house and make some money!
Actually, with the newest rule change it's also an option to move out some of the children while the founder pair is still living and move them back once they die. But who to keep and who to get rid of? This is the question.

So this is what the family currently looks like. Yes, they barely fit the frame.

I was a bit hesitant to update all the pictures of the teen bastard children, but on one hand I'm curious, and on the other hand I think their outlook won't change too much when turning into young adults, so here it goes, the family tree on day #26:

And now, let's get this episode started. 

Not too many things happen actually. I eventually send Shayne off to meet some girls. Not that there are too many of them available, he ends up in the night club with all the familiar faces.

And again, Shayne ends up at home with the Gallardo girl, learning that she is a Snob, Lazy Perfectionist. I don't like this relationship as she is an adult, so probably not the best choice for a long-term relationship, but anyway, having a friend won't hurt. 
They definitely seem to like each other. 

The next day I've decided to throw a little birthday party for Jocelyn, as Dina had some party-related tasks in her aspiration. I've only invited some of the closest family members.

And the candles were blown, and Jocelyn became...
 A Genius Music Lover with a Friend of the World aspiration.
... and a crazy hairstyle.
Well, that's not bad, as there are plenty of siblings to socialize with. I'm actually planning to make her a writer to get the maximum out of her fulfilled childhood aspiration. I have also bought her a computer. And reorganized the entire layout of the house. As you can see I do everything for my little sims to be happy.
Oh, and have I mentioned already that Caiphus is getting rid of all that flab? Look at this:

So here we are at day 28. I'm still unsure what to do with the spares. For mommy and daddy I plan to work on their aspirations, but for the kids? I think I'll improvise. 
So I've decided that Caiphus needs to work out in 2 other lots before school to keep him proceeding with his aspiration, thus the two brothers visited the gym. Of course Shayne had better things to do than lifting weights.
Well, it's Bella Goth, mother of one of Shayne's sisters, Journey, but who cares? The only problem is that she's probably going to get old very soon. Bummers! I think I'll barely have any luck with finding the right pair for my sims before they reach adulthood.

As Dina had the goal to make ten drinks on a social event, I've decided to throw a dinner party.

The party was a moderate success with a silver medal earned, but I'm still happy as finally Dina managed to make those 10 drinks.

So it's day 31 now and it's about time for Ricky and Dina to make some friends. Maybe they should start with the children? Well, with the children of Ricky anyway...

Dina finally made five friends, Ricky also but for him it means five more to go. And Caiphus got a bit closer to the white-haired Christy. 

On the next day, the Self-Assured Jalisa became a Romantic teen with a successful lineage aspiration. And her first desire is to become an adult. I guess I'm okay with that. I can focus all my efforts on all the other family members' aspirations then. 
Also it seems that two romantic parents can only give birth to romantic children.

It turns out that if you buy your sims some comfortable chairs they can even have a little nap in them. Cool.

Dina got promoted. I bought beds for the money. Now everyone can sleep in nice ones. She's a Juice Boss now - whatever that's supposed to mean.

It's day #34 and Ricky is maybe only one step shy of fulfilling his lifetime aspiration, but he needs to have 5 strong romantic relationships, and 5 gold dates. That will be tricky. Not to mention his task as a musician to have 10 friends. But actually it's not that hard to socialize when someone has such a large family.

It's the middle of the night and almost everyone is sleeping. It's about time for Ricky to get down to business.

First one is Jennie Steinwedel. Is she old? Maybe but who cares?
Needless to say, the date is an absolute success. What next?

Time to pay a visit to the in-laws. Nina is still looking great though their relationship has reached zero in the past weeks. 

While they are having a nice conversation, Ricky can finally also see his children. Well, they have grown up.
Another success here!

Ricky also met a nice girl... ahemm, woman in the bar, she brought her home to introduce her to Shayne. 

And of course this is the point when Jodi Gallardo appears. Shayne will have to choose. Well, unless one of them suddenly gets old.

And finally, Shayne has become an adult! A Hot Headed one. 

As a celebration of that, he created a masterpiece. I can't see anything special about it, but it's worth a lot!

Actually I'm wondering whether I should send Shayne to work. He is able to create thousand simoleon masterpieces now. Maybe I should use that to earn some cash for the family. And fulfill his aspiration first. 
So Ricky hits the road. The first stop is Zoe Patel. On a sidenote, I'm not sure what is this but every time Ricky visits a girl, she is on the toilet. Weird.

They go on a date, and finally Ricky has the chance to show what he can do with the guitar. Zoe seems to like it.

The date is successful, but in the meantime, the bills arrive. Almost 2800 simolenons. Yikes!
Summer holiday is the next one on Ricky's list. I have some nostalgic feelings about this. 
This is a nice way to start a day, isn't it?
It seems that building up relationships with former girlfriends is much simpler. Unfortunately it seems that the romance bar is of Nina Caliente not long enough for the relationship to be considered "strong". Well we can solve that problem!
Then Ricky goes home before work, with two potential friends. They are having a good time, that's for sure. 

After work, he tries to finally have that tenth friend, but eventually fails, while Shayne gets closer to this nice girl, Lilah. Who loves outdoors. And lazy. And clumsy. Yes, love is blind. 

Okay, Houston, we have a problem. Lilah agreed to sleep over but we don't have enough beds. Not such a large problem though. I bought a new double bed and created a new bedroom. Problem solved.
And there we go, Shayne's first girlfriend. Yippee!

On the same evening Macy aged up to become a Self-Assured Music Lover with a Soulmate aspiration. 

So on the 37th day Ricky and Dina went on a date again. To the place where they've dated first, the Rattlesnake Juice bar. 

And on that date, Ricky's aspiration got completed! Yay!

Ricky will never make others jealous again, no matter what. I guess I should give it a try.
Well, it doesn't really work. I mean it does, but Ricky becomes embarrassed if he is flirting with two girls in the same room. What if he becomes Shameless?
Now we're talkin'!

Having become an adult, Shayne finally has lots of free time while his siblings are at school. And look who shows up!

Friends pay random visits. That's their "thing" apparently. 
But that's not even that important, what's more important is that Jalisa is taking the first steps for the Jenks to enter into Landgraab territory. Too bad this Malcolm guy is an adult already. At least he's not old.
And Dina decides to entertain them a bit. 

Then finally Caiphus has aged up also and became - a Mean Glutton Geek Bodybuilder. Sounds like a killer combo for me. 

But which career would fit? The local mob is looking for a Tough Guy. I say that the description fits. 
Time to find a girl.

I've decided to throw a birthday party for Joseph's big day - just before the parents get old. Some folks gathered from the neighbourhood. 
And the little Joseph became...
...a Snob. A Snob Music lover, longing for a soulmate. Well, good luck with that, pal! I guess that hairdo will help a lot. 

So this is what the family looks like just one day before Ricky's and Dina's birthday. Joseph's outfit is rather awesome. 
Take a close look as this is the last time you see them like this. 

And here is the obligatory update on the family tree:

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