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The Jenks Legacy - G2E01 - Everybody Needs Somebody

The title of the last episode was Teens All Around, partly because all the Jenks children finally became teens, partly because the same applies to all Ricky's other children as well. The family currently looks like this:
And the family tree currently looks like this: 

Ricky has finally fulfilled his aspiration and I also gave them the Sameless trait as a gift, so now he can fuck flirt with other women in front of his wife, nobody cares. Isn't that awesome? In the meantime Shayne is becoming a painter genius with his painting skill already above level 9, and Jocely is also doing some great writing stuff. The royalties she receives are well above 1000 simoleons per day already. Caiphus have became a Mean young-adult and chose the criminal career, we'll see how it works out. I hope it pays well. 
Oh, and Shayne (the current heir) seems to find the love of his life, I just can't move her in due to the household limits. It's day 40 now, Ricky's birtday, and I guess I need to move out one of the girls immediately before somegthing happens with Shayne's girlfriend. And by "something" I mean "she gets old". 

Caiphus has some time to get closer to Christy before work - in the meantime Dina is polishing her Gourmet cooking skills... kinda.
And all the hard work of Caiphus finally pays off! He and Christy both have their first kiss!

Shayne's hard work on painting skills finally payed off as well, He reached level 10! And he's still only 38 days old! I guess he will create lots of masterpieces in his life. 
In the meantime, Jalisa keeps working on the Landgraab project. It is coming along nicely.
It's night and it's time to throw a party for Ricky!
Everyone is invited.
And of course - Ricky is flirty. 
Then the candles were blown...
And Ricky got old. Not that he would look much different except form the gray hair. 
The party ended up being a Silver one. Not that bad. Ricky at least doesn't seem to care
Dina's Gourmet skills are getting more and more weird.
The game says that Ricky has lived 100 days thus far. As he started as a young adult and 40 days have been passed since then I can't see how that can be correct, but let's accept it is. 
In the meantime I've realized that Dina's birtday will be a couple of days later. She was pregnant with Joseph when she was supposed to age up and apparently: pregnant women don't age. 
Maybe it's time to find a boyfriend for Jocelyn also? What about this Bryant guy?
Or maybe not. Jocelyn has to keep on writing but Jodi sits in her chair. Maybe a trick with a hand buzzer will convince her to change her mind. 
At times like this I hate this game. Jalisa invited Malcolm Landgraab over. Everything goes nice and smooth. Soon both of them are VERY flirty. Still they can't have ANY romantic interaction, because - well, just because. Grrrr.
Okay, this is going to be nerve-wrecking. Jalisa and Malcolm have just became best friends...
... but still, the "Ask to move in" option doesn't show up. Apparently you have to be an adult for that as well. Jeez. And Jalisa still has 4 days before aging up. That is going to be a tough one to wait for. 
Still, they make a nice couple, so I'm glad.

What to do next? Actually I'm a bit unsure about Macy, Jalina and Joseph. They will move out as soon as they reach adulthood, but till then? I bought them a woodworking table just to keep them busy.
Christy visits Caiphus, and - well, this is not fair - they are already ready to try for a baby. There is appartently no problem with the household-limit in the Madrigal family. 
And on day #43 Shayne has completed his aspiration! Wow! I'm not sure what to do next, I'm a bit hesitant on whether I should choose him another and if so, which one.
Eventually I've settled with Successful lineage. That is our goal, isn't it?
Jocelyn aged up the same day and became a Romantic Music Lover Genius young adult. Still we have three days till Jalisa ages. I'm counting the seconds.
Jocelyn has just finished to write another Sci-fi book. I thought she deserves having some fun in the town.So she dressed up...
And went to a night club, just to meet a guy from the Goth family. A brother maybe? Nope! Phew! That was close.
His Name is Alexander. And he is flirty. Very flirty.
So Jocelyn took Alexander home to introduce him to the family. And to spend some time in the other bedroom.
As I could have expected, Jocelyn reached writing level 10 not long after Shayne was finished with Painting. Now Ricky is struggling to write one song. With his level 8 piano skill it mustn't be that hard, but apparently songs can only be written in a single sitting and that sitting takes a whole lot of time. 
Dina is getting closer to level 10 Mixology. Her latest trick starts like this:
then it goes on like this...
And then sometimes it backfires
 Caiphus got the "homework" to be mean to one person. He picks Lilah. And he takes the task seriously. 
And eventually gets beaten up! By a girl! What a shame!
Haha, the great artists of the family decided to take a nap together. I'd say they both have their father's nose, that's for sure.
I'm starting to think that it is not possible to write a song. Ricky is currently doing it for 12 fuckin' hours and it's still not completed!
Okay, I guess this was some sort of a bug. As soon as his worktime started, Ricky stood up and the song was finished. But all his needs were down! I've set him to work hard nevertheless. Maybe a bad idea?
I finally decided to get Shayne a painter job. With his skills reaching the top of this career will be a breeze. And Dina got old. That T-shirt kinda fits the occasion. 
And it worked, Ricky has reached the top of the Entertainer career! Yipppeeee!
Because he's a Rock Star!
Next day Dina reached level 10 Mixology and with that, she fulfilled her aspiration as well. Coolness!
And FINALLY! Jalisa must have a birtday party! Well, she won't have one, but Dina will bake her a very nice cake.
I've quickly invited Lilah, who spontaneously got busy with the punching bag. Déja vu!
Aaaaaand, there we go!
Her adult trait turned out to be creative. Not that it would matter. Time to call Malcolm!
So finally Jalisa has moved in to the Landgraab household!
Time to move Shayne's little girlfriend in!
But first I made sure that the safety of the lineage is ensured at the Landgraab mansion. 
Everything is fine, the Landgraab family's future is taken care of.
Back to the Jenks family! Moving in Lilah Emery - the moment of thruth! Well, she is not that old, but she is an Adult and she only has 9 days before aging. I guess I'll have to use some anti-aging trickery here, but I've calculated with that. No reason to get excited. 
She want's to be a bestselling author, but she has literally zero writing experience. Also she is quite mischievous. I've bought her a computer to work on. 
So she and Shayne have become best friends - marriage will come later - and spent the first night together as... best friends. 
So this is what the family looks like now:
In the next episode maybe we will get one step closer to the third generation.

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