The Jenks Legacy - Scores

Family (2/10)
1 point per generation to have an eligible heir reach young adulthood. 

Creative (0/10)

1 point if every member of a generation is memorialized before their deaths or departure by another member of the family. 
1 point for a single Sim completing two out of the three creative aspirations in their lifetime.

Fortune (X/X)

- (to be updated)

Love (1/10)

1 point for every 3 unique trait a spouse has, that no other spouse had.
1 point for having a Sim complete both love aspirations in one lifetime.

Active, Ambitious, Romantic Dina Caliente (1st Generation)
Lazy, Clumsy, Loves Outdoors - Lilah Emery (2nd Generation)

Knowledge (4)
1 point for every skill that reaches level 10 in the family
1 point for having all.

Charisma - Ricky Jenks (1st Generation)
Mixology - Dina Caliente (1st Generation)
Creativity - Jocelyn Jenks (2nd Generation)
Painting - Shayne Jenks (2nd Generation)
Writing - Jocelyn Jenks (2nd Generation)

Athletic (2/27)
1 point for every fully completed aspiration by a family member (including completed childhood aspirations).
1 point for having completed all four childhood aspirations and every single adult aspiration.

Child aspirations
Artistic Prodigy Jocelyn Jenks (2nd Generation) 

Adult aspirations
Serial Romantic - Ricky Jenks (1st Generation)
Master Mixologist - Dina Caliente (1st Generation)
Painter Extraordinaire - Shayne Jenks (2nd Generation)

Nature (1)
1 point for each complete collection.
Mysims Trophy collection

1 point for somebody dying on the family lot in one of each X different ways to die.
1 point for collecting all X career reward object in your family inventory. 
1 point for completing all 27 aspirations 
1 point for collecting all consumable aspiration awards in family inventory
(to be updated)

Food (0/10)

1 point for purchasing the most expensive fridge and stove and upgrade both of them.
1 point for a Sim making a highest quality version of the most difficult to make dish
1 point for a Sim maximizing the cooking, gourmet cooking, and mixology skills
1 point for a single Sim completing both food aspirations in one lifetime
1 point for getting a sim fat from your family’s cooking.
1 point for have at least six Sims (family members or guests) all sitting at the same table and eating at the same time.
1 point for reaching the top of both food career branches
1 point for cooking a meal with at least two fresh ingredients that are of the highest quality
1 point for a Sim making their date a max quality meal or mix them a max quality drink during a single date.
1 point for serving a max-quality party-sized meal and mixing a max-quality drink and serving both during a single party (the food and drinks can be made by different Sims)

Popularity (33)

1 point for a Sim getting a gold medal in each of the 4 types of parties AND a gold medal on a date.
X point for party medals earned. A gold Medal is worth three medals, silver worth two, and bronze worth one.

8 gold medals - Ricky Jenks (1st Generation)
2 bronze medals - Ricky Jenks (1st Generation)
Birthday parties
1 gold medal - Jocely Jenks (2nd Generation)
2 silver medals - Joseph Jenks (2nd Generation); Ricky Jenks (1st Generation)
Dinner parties
1 silver medal - Dina Caliente (1st Generation)

Deviance (0/X)

X point for the total number of potions of youth that are stored in the family inventory.

Penalties (0)
-1 point every time the power is shut off due to unpaid bills.
-1 point every time the plumbing is shut off due to unpaid bills.
-1 point per child/infant taken away from the family by social services.
-1 point per spouse beyond the 10th moved into the house.

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